LookUp: An elegant Dictionary
LookUp is a dictionary app for the iPhone that stands out for its elegant user interface, low storage requirements, and ease of use. It recently featured in the Apple's global 20 Under 20 list and was selected a Best New App in several countries across Europe and Americas on launch in June 2014. It’s not just a different dictionary, but a better dictionary, one that you wish to keep by your side when reading a book.

The app has also been appreciated in a special note by the App Store Editor (U.S). 

And here's what some of the popular blogs have to say about the app...

"It could very well become your main iPhone Dictionary"  - Daniel Celeste, App Advice
"It doesn't feel like any other dictionary app for iPhone" - Mikhail Madnani, Beautiful Pixels
"This app comes in handy for both amateur and professional writers" - Hypi.st
"It might be cheaper to use a website but LookUp is a stylish and simple way to quickly look up words and their meanings" - 148Apps

thetangible.in | bit.ly/lookupapp

Movie Buzz
A movie quiz game for the iPad and iPhone, Movie Buzz is about guessing a movie from its minimal poster, which have been so beautifully designed that even the directors of these movies love them! (Yes, they indeed do, see here and here). Single player, or multiplayer, the game keeps you hooked.


Cine Connect
A broomstick, an owl, a train. Guess the movie! Cine Connect is a movie trivia game of Bollywood (Hindi) and Hollywood movies for the iPhone. It’s quiz-like game play is hard to put down, and it has topped the Top Trivia Games chart for weeks at App Store (India).

bit.ly/cinehindi | bit.ly/cineeng 

*All apps are signed by my father's name (Rajesh) on the App Store.