Human from New Delhi

By day, I am a Consultant helping clients improve business process with technology, and by night I am on my electric keyboard creating some Indian music.

Technology for me has always been a medium to express my ideas, which becomes manifested in all my projects. They are not mere consequences of academic work, but are products of my dedication to innovation and problem solving. They've been engineered with immense time and care and represent an accumulation of my personal and academic experiences. 

So, am I your average geek from Delhi? Hmm.. Yes and No! While I have a passion for technology, my interests and skills extend beyond the programming world. I've been actively involved in diverse activities! My creative writing skills earned me a position in the Young Editors Board of a leading daily in India - The Hindustan Times. When I am not writing codes or acting as a journalist, I can also be found enjoying Bollywood movies, reading about Apple or Steve Jobs, and learning my mom's traditional Indian recipes. 

Recently, I've been trying my hand at photography. I'd love to share some of my photographs with you, which you can see in the Photography tab above. I'm still working on perfecting my music recordings so the music section is missing on the website for now. I am working on it, and it'll be here soon. Please come back to hear me play!

You can reach me at @muditb or feel free to connect me with me at LinkedIn.