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Coming Soon: Vegan Or Not: Get Allergen Information in AR

VectorPad: Image Vectorisation

LookUp: English Dictionary

LookUp: An elegant Dictionary
LookUp is a dictionary app for the iOS that stands out for its elegant user interface, low storage requirements, and ease of use. It won a webby honouree for Best UX in Mobile Apps Category, was featured in the Apple's global 20 Under 20 list in 2015 and was selected a Best New App in several countries across Europe and Americas on launch in 2014 and 2017. It’s not just a different dictionary, but a better dictionary, one that you wish to keep by your side when reading a book.

The app has also been appreciated in a special note by the App Store Editor (U.S). 

And here's what some of the popular blogs have to say about the app...

“If you're in the market for a dictionary app, look no further.” - Ryan Christoffeln, MacStories
"It could very well become your main iPhone Dictionary"  - Daniel Celeste, App Advice
"It doesn't feel like any other dictionary app for iPhone" - Mikhail Madnani, Beautiful Pixels
"This app comes in handy for both amateur and professional writers" -
"It might be cheaper to use a website but LookUp is a stylish and simple way to quickly look up words and their meanings" - 148Apps |

Cine Connect
A broomstick, an owl, a train. Guess the movie! Cine Connect is a movie trivia game of Bollywood (Hindi) and Hollywood movies for the iPhone. It’s quiz-like game play is hard to put down, and it has topped the Top Trivia Games chart for weeks at App Store (India). | 

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